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American Grown. American Processed. American Heritage.

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Premium Wool. Single Breed.
Community Focused.

Lisa Dachinger Wools Inc is dedicated to the American wool community, both farmers and makers.

Our passion for New England farmers means we pay our farmers a price that matches the time and skill each fleece represents, which pours life back into the farming community, one fleece at a time.

Each batt and length of roving is carefully and minimally processed leaving the structure of the wool intact with a soft hand, dyed in-house and carded on our vintage Anton Guillot Aachen Carder.

Our yarns are spun by the skilled folks at Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney Vermont from our washed wools. We've been enjoying their services for over 20 years. When we receive our cones of yarn back, we split the cones into skeins and dye them in house.

Small Group Workshops of 10 or less are offered throughout the year on topics such as Flock Management, Wool Quality, Value Added Products; Beginner classes in: hand spinning (drop & wheel) knitting, needle felting, crochet, weaving, crafting, sewing and more.