“Lisa Dachinger Wools Inc. is more than farm to yarn, it’s a wool community revitalization project.”

Lisa Dachinger spent over twenty years as a fiber farmer and the owner of River Valley Farm, including earning a wool classer certification before closing her farm and opening Lisa Dachinger Wools Inc.

Today Dachinger Wools houses a micro mill and a full line of farm to you, yarns and wools for all fiber artists and enthusiasts.

Our passion for New England farmers means we pay our farmers a price that matches the time and skill each fleece represents, which pours life back into the farming community, one fleece at a time.

Our wools and fibers are washed and dyed in house. Each skein of our yarn is spun for us by the skilled folks at Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney Vermont. We've been enjoying their services for over 20 years. We receive our yarn on cones then split the cones ourselves into skeins so the yardage is exact. We skein dye our yarns in house.