Your fleeces represent work and dedication. Choose a mill that understands.

When you bring us your fleece, we lay each one out individually and examine it together. We’ll discuss the best way to process it, whether in parts combined with other fleeces you have brought or individually by itself.

Our careful and minimal processing of your fleece will leave the structure of the wool intact with a soft hand. Whether carded to batts or roving, we give you a high quality product you can use for hand spinning, felting, crafting or offer for sale.

Our Anton Guillot Aachen Carder, also known as a German Sample Card, was used to sample and test new blends at yarn spinning mills before they were put into production. For us, it is THE machine!

While we do not have a minimum lot size, we do charge a minimum of $50 to process your order to batts or roving. This is to cover the extensive cleaning of the carder we do in between lot changes so you receive your fiber back only, with no cross contamination from another order.

Custom Fiber Processing

Wool, Mohair, Llama and Alpaca



$30/hr Extra Skirting
$2.50/Extra Wash




Full Service Carding

Roving $25/Incoming Pound
Batt $25/Incoming Pound
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Your fleeces begin their journey with a incoming weight check, all prices are based on incoming weight. They are then lightly skirted in preparation for the wash. Camelid fleeces and some sheep or mohair fleeces will be tumbled to get extra dirt and dust out.

If your fleece has a lot of burrs, chaff and/or manure tags, we charge an extra $30/hour to cover the extra work to remove them. If the contamination is extreme we will return the fleece to you at your expense.

Our standard wash routine begins with a rinse to remove the bulk of the dirt, followed by two washes and three rinses. Occasionally a very greasy fleece requires an extra wash. We charge $2.50/lb for each additional wash.

Your fleece is washed gently in a biodegradable and earth friendly non-ionic cleaner, petroleum-free cleaning liquid.

A clean fleece with less than 20% chaff can be dramatically improved by picking. Fleeces with 20% of chaff or more are unsavable and will be returned at your expense.

Our picker is not a dehairer so it cannot remove long or coarse hairs, kemp or medullated fibers.

We are proud to offer a full service package in one convenient price. Our service includes washing, picking and carding to either batt or roving.

Your fleeces will be carefully and minimally processed leaving the structure of the fiber intact with a soft hand, which you can read about above, in order to prepare them for carding.

We use a vintage Anton Guillot Aachen Carder to produce a high quality carded web or sliver that goes on to form batts and/or roving. When creating roving, the sliver is compressed and slightly twisted before being coiled into roving. When creating batts, the sliver is carded in thin, even layers across the drum to form batts.


Additional Services



0.5 lbs - 2 lbs $26/lb
2 lbs - 6 lbs $25/lb
6.5 lbs or more $24/lb


Custom Blend

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Color is one of the most beautiful aspects of fiber arts, we are enthusiastic work with you to create your perfect palette on both loose fiber and yarn.

Each color is created by applying a thoughtful combination of heat, acid, Wash Fast Acid Dyes and time to your clean fibers or yarns. We use a finishing post dye process in order to balance the pH of your fiber, lock in the color and improve the hand.

Each price is based on incoming clean weight, if you choose to wash your own fibers please know they must meet our requirements otherwise we will need to wash them again, see the washing section for pricing and options.

We can create beautiful custom blends tailored to suit your needs.

Some fiber options include, but aren’t limited too, mulberry silk, bamboo, mohair and US sourced fine wools.